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v 2.2.1   latest   Released on 19 February 2021

  • Introduced rubric in assisted grading. You can now add a list of rules to assist grading of subjective questions. You can also allow graders to update the rubric at the time of grading.
  • The Basket limit is changed to 50
  • Minor changes in UI
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

v 2.2.0   Released on 14 January 2021

  • Introduced new media type "Drawing". This will allow you to create simple SVG diagrams which you can use in your content.
  • Assisted grading of subjective questions introduced. To learn how to set up subjective grading, click [here]( )
  • Introduced ticketing system for quiz : Students can now raise tickets on graded questions. Tickets raised will be visible to the author on the “Manage Quiz” page.
    • To resolve a ticket, click on the “Quiz Review” button for a particular student. Navigate to the question. Provide response and score correction (if required).
    • It can take up to 30 minutes for the changes to reflect to the student.
  • Score correction and feedback after quiz submission : Authors can also correct score and provide feedback for an individual student. These options are available inside the "Quiz Review" of individual student.
  • You can now download question wise performance summary for each section in the quiz as an excel file.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

v 2.1.2   Released on 21 September 2020

  • Sectional quizzes are now called Asynchronous quizzes and live quizzes are called Synchronous quizzes.
  • New and improved interface for quiz management -
    • Added realtime time section wise progress tracking
    • Ability to share class statistics at the time of quiz review (This feature can be enabled at the time of quiz creation and from the Advanced tab in the Manage quiz page, after quiz creation)
  • Improvement in the quiz creation wizard : You can now import the participants list from previous quizzes.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

v 2.1.1   Released on 5 July 2020

  • Ability to fetch basket directly into a playlist or public list.
  • To add basket questions in the playlist, go to the playlist page, click on the arrow button to fetch the basket data in a particular section.
  • To add basket questions in a public list, select a topic inside a subject. Then click on the arrow button beside the topic name.
  • Removed “Unsectioned list” from new playlist. From now on playlist will contain 5 sections. Old playlists will remain same.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

v 2.1.0   Released on 13 June 2020

  • Introduced subjective questions
  • Assisted grading of subjective questions is under development and will be released soon. For time being, quizzes containing subjective questions do not have Download summary PDF option available on Summary page and grading of subjective question will continue to show as pending.
  • Added partial grading for fillin type questions.
  • Analysis of quiz logs available in an excel sheet
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

v 2.0.2     Released on 18 March 2020

New Features

  • Support to add a live youtube video stream and chat in live quiz (beta)
  • Added option to enable/disable logging out user from quiz on focus change. Inside the quiz dashboard, go inside "Manage Quiz" page and click on "Advanced" tab
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

v 2.0.1     Released on 13 Feb 2020

New Features

  • Resolved issue 05 : You can now download section wise performance summary as an excel spreadsheet
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

v 2.0.0     Released on 4 Jan 2020 1 issue

New Features

  • Introduced live quizzes (beta)
  • URL routing has been modified
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Known issues

  • issue 05 Error in downloading sectional quiz summary

v 1.6.0     Released on 19 Sept 2019

New Features

  • Fixed issue 03: Error in opening playlist.
  • Simple quiz is deprecated. Support for plain quiz will be discontinued on 31 March 2020 . We recommend that you create a sectioned quiz with only one section.
  • Minor issues and bug fixes

v 1.5.0     Released on 27 July 2019   2 issues

New Features

  • Sectional quizzes : Now you can create quizzes with upto 5 sections.
    Note : Simple quiz is deprecated and will be removed in future. We recommend that you create a sectioned quiz with only one section.
  • Real time tracking: Now you keep track of user activities. Go to the quiz dashboard and click on "Manage quiz page". Click on "Quiz logs" button on the top. You can also view logs of individual student using the button provided in the list.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Known issues and fixes

  • issue 03 Error in opening playlist.
  • issue 04Unable to download Performace summary excel sheet of a sectional quiz on Chrome in Ubuntu and Fixefox in Mac. If you face this issue, try changing the extension of the file downloaded to '.xlsx'

v 1.4.0  

Released on 22 Nov 2018

New Features

  • Ticketing system : If you find some error in a question from public list, you can raise a ticket against it. The author of the question will be informed and you will receive an email notification when the author resolves the ticket.
  • You can view the list of tickets raised by you and list of tickets raised on your public questions in the 'Tickets raised' page. Look for the ticket icon on the top left.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

v 1.3.0  

New Features

  • New feature - Question basket - Now you can add questions to a basket from your committed content, playlists and public lists. This will help you to perform a single operation on a bulk of questions at the same time. For instance, you can add all basket questions in a playlist.
  • You can also take a look at the question you recently viewed. Click on the clock button on the top left
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

v 1.2.0  

New Features

  • Introduced new question type - info.This will allow you to add informational content in you quizzes. Info type questions can be question answer pair, lesson, solved example or flash cards
  • Now you can add collaborator in your playlist. The collaborator will be able to add new items in the playlist, rearrange playlist items but will not be able to delete items.
  • You can now divide your playlist into 5 sections. By default all your items reside in an unsectioned list. You can drag and drop an item into different sections. At the time of creating a quiz , you will be asked which section of the selected playlist to choose. For now you can only select a single section.
  • Added functions in Mingo for controlling accuracy, precision digits, scientific form and engineering form of numbers
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Known issues and fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Mingo with bra, ket and vert brackets where unwanted parentheses would appear around them
  • Fixed an issue with grading fill-in the blank question where grading will yield incorrect if the range was coded as range(max,min) while the answer lied in the specified range. Now the range can be specified as range(min,max) or range(max,min)

v 1.1.0

New Features

  • Introduced public list
  • List of quiz takers can now be uploaded as a CSV file.
  • Added group parameter editor - an easy way to add group parameters in the question.
  • Quiz credentials can now be downloaded as a well formatted PDF file which can be distributed to quiz takers manually.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Known issues and fixes

  • Resolved issue 02

v 1.0.0   2 issues

New Features

  • New interface

Known issues

  • issue 01 Long tables may distort the structure of the content in question. However the whole table will still it will be visible. It is recommended not to use tables with more than 5 columns. Log in to the quiz app with your sample user id to check how it will be visible to the students.
  • issue 02 Reseting of quiz may not work in some cases. In case you encounter this error, kindly contact us.